Biography of Shah Rukh Khan

“Jaane ka gangan” is a new Shah Rukh Khan biopic that is based on the movie “Thugs of New Delhi.” The movie is directed by Prashant Nair. In this movie, an aspiring actor takes the place of his mentor and tries to bring change in the movie industry. This character was played by Ajay Devgan. He played the role of an actor who was a close associate of actor Shah Rukh Khan’s (Rukh). The role of this aspiring actor was given to him because he had the ability to capture the hearts of many viewers. The movie was released on February 27th in India. moviesbaba

This movie was released as a massive hit in a very huge publicity. For a film with a title like “Thugs of New Delhi”, it’s has a huge budget. The main reason why the movie was released at this time was because the audience was waiting for a good film from Shah Rukh Khan. The movie was such a hit that the studios were not able to resist the urge to release it immediately. The movie was a tremendous success. With a plot line that delves deep into the lives of actors, the movie made its mark in the movie industry. It won many awards including the National Award for Best Film.

“Thugs of New Delhi” was praised for its intelligent storyline. The movie also received many awards for its performances. It was a big hit with the audience. One can always expect great works from Shah Rukh Khan. A movie like “Thugs of New Delhi” gave him a chance to be himself again and portray his emotions in a superb manner. The movie also gave audiences a glimpse of what is it like to be a successful actor. It’s a perfect example of what makes Shah Rukh Khan an icon of the Hindi cinema.

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